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Fun game. Good graphics.


On level 2 I knocked down a trash can and during that time I moved to the left of it, getting me trapped in between the can as well as a bench.  Otherwise, a fun game.


Thank you for pointing it out, benches do have a collision problem, we'll solve it in the next build !



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Having objectives in a stage system makes the game more fun since you have a more concrete goal. That said preventing the granny from getting hurt is sometimes kind of tough/annoying if the leash gets caught on a prop if you slingshot the granny too far by accident. I found level 4 easier than 3 since trying to avoid people and avoid the granny from hitting objects (including those people you're avoiding) required a lot more finesse compared to just running for the goal bowling people over. I didn't finish level 5 since I didn't really remember where all the hydrants were and didn't really want to go back and look for them in level 1/2.


wow this game seems a loooooot of fun to me , espcially the art!!! I'm a student major in game design , want to learn  how your team made this!  Use 2D art materials, produced by unity3D programming?

Thank you ! Yeah we did it with unity, we used 2D sprite renderers but with 3D shaders, to make them able to cast shadows. Plus all elements are blended with a paper texture, and some post processes improve the overall look of the game (Depth of Field, just a bit of Bloom and Color Grading iirc).


really glad to know that! my team are designing  our own game demo! Inspired by your work ! ;D 

Hello @Midori0117! As one of the artist, you comment goes straight to my heart!

JRevel explained the main process really well! There's also a little trick about the camera angle we used, and thus the placement of the sprites. Camera is orthographic (not perspective), and angled at 45°. All sprites except the floor are angled in the same way, so that everything is facing the cam, but is still lifted from the ground. This helps to create the "depth" feeling. 

Guilloteam - Clement 



thank u for the tips! I'm the programmer of my team , our artist major is 2D graphic design, but we we want to make the visual performance of our work more expressive, so we're eager to learn and find inspirations from other excellent games!

I showed your team's work to my mates the day before yesterday, and we were like "that's it!!"

The Paper texture and stop motion animation expand our design !♥♥♥♥♥♥

thumb up for u team (from our artist XD


Woow the art is perfect on that game! really cool game, well done and all, congrats!

Thanks for the kind words Alcy!