Game made for the Ludum Dare 50 by the Guilloteam

Disclaimer : Any resemblance to fictional characters is CLEARLY NOT coincidental. We saw this event as an opportunity to have fun, and to pay tribute to the famous Italian plumber. We hope that you'll have fun too!


The unstoppable BARIO strikes again! As always, he's determined to get his princess CHEAP back by kicking your butt.

As usual, HE'll be the hero of the story, and can’t be stopped forever... Hard times for the honest MOWSER that you are!

With your units, build obstacles in BARIO's way to slow him down in his crazy rush. 

Build FARMS to produce your units. Improve your farm to produce better units by clicking on it and choosing an evolve!

You can then drag and drop your units in your DUNGEONS to hinder BARIO's progress. More units will waste more time. But be careful! Defeated units are lost!

Turn your DUNGEONS into CASTLES, which can hold more units and take longer to cross!

Every time you build a CASTLE, Princess CHEAP is automatically carried there, to keep her away from BARIO! If he gets to princess CHEAP, you're done!


Important : we forgot to show a few things in the tutorial, here is the missing information :

- to build or improve a building, you do not only have to select it, you must drag&drop units in the slots with the hammer on it. The more units you put, the faster it builds

- there are three types of units : goombas are average, koopas build faster and spiky shells are better at combat


A game by the GuilloTeam:

Julien Revel (dev), Michaël Assing (artist) and Clément Ribeyre-Soret (artist)


Music by xsgianni:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreStrategy, Survival
Tags2D, Comedy, Hand-drawn, Ludum Dare 50, mario, Parody, Singleplayer, Tactical, Tower Defense
LinksLudum Dare


Super Mowser World v1.1 POST JAM bug 38 MB
Super Mowser World 38 MB


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That's a pretty funny game!

I played to the jam version. It's repetitive so I stopped at 20minutes but my game bugged since 8minutes ("zoom into the map", which was inconvenient but didn't prevent me from playing. I just wasn't able to use some spots). This jam version sounds too easy since I had 6 "maps" ahead of Baryo and would have continued to easily build castles on the last spots, just behind mushrooms.

Other bugs to mention: loading bars on ruins + numbers on two lines sometimes (screenshot below)

(1 edit) (+1)

Great concept, I've played the postjam version of it. It was cool, liked the mechanics even though I had to figure out myself what are the specifics of each monster. 

Didn't go that far, but it's a great concept ! The music didn't looped perfectly though but loved the artstyle!

Thanks for sharing it and good job for the submission! :D